13 01, 2017

Variable Pay: A Viable Alternative Pay Strategy?


By: Lindsay Coobs Merit increases have been the go-to method for pay-for-performance for the past several decades. However, 80% of employers say merit pay is ineffective at driving higher levels of performance and 26% of employers admit to paying bonuses to employees who fail to meet expectations, according to WillisTowersWatson. That being said, many employees [...]

Variable Pay: A Viable Alternative Pay Strategy?2018-05-09T19:54:20-04:00
13 12, 2016

Why Good Employees Quit, Even Though They Love Their Job:


No one likes losing a great employee. Employees are expensive to replace, onboard, and train and there's the uncertainty of how a new employee will work out. There's also the hardship on the rest of the team until the position is filled. Sometimes there's a good reason for their departure --the person wasn’t a good [...]

Why Good Employees Quit, Even Though They Love Their Job:2018-05-09T19:55:18-04:00
12 12, 2016

How Small Business Owners Can Reduce Holiday Stress


by: Melonie Geddes The holiday season can be overwhelming for the typical small business owner and that can zap the joy right out of the happiest time of the year. Owners often find that personal commitments, holiday shopping, and business demands combine to make the holiday season very stressful. Key employees go on vacation, shipments [...]

How Small Business Owners Can Reduce Holiday Stress2018-05-09T19:59:43-04:00
24 07, 2015

Employee Relations: Workplace Conflict Resolution


Small business owners are busy. So, who has time to spend on a couple of feuding employees? After all, they’ll work it out eventually, right? Not so fast. Although no small business owner wants to tackle it, workplace conflict resolution is an important part of employee relations and it should be handled with care. Two [...]

Employee Relations: Workplace Conflict Resolution2018-05-09T20:00:42-04:00
17 03, 2014

The Ever-Changing Workforce and Generation Y


If you ask anyone in the workforce, particularly managers or business owners, what their experiences and thoughts are about working with Millennials (Gen Y) I can guarantee that they will have something to say about it. It seems to be a hot topic of discussion these days and is having a big impact on the [...]

The Ever-Changing Workforce and Generation Y2018-05-09T20:05:26-04:00
17 02, 2014

It is February and love is in the air! But what about in the workplace?


Workplace romances are all too common. Everybody knows someone that has either met their current spouse/partner at work, are currently dating someone they work with or have dated someone at work at one time or another during their career, whether the relationship was made public or not. In fact, through a September 2013 survey completed [...]

It is February and love is in the air! But what about in the workplace?2018-05-09T20:05:42-04:00
18 11, 2013

Workplace Bullying: It is real and it happens everyday


Workplace bullying is something that hasn't really been talked about or made "public" until recently with the allegations of bullying within the NFL. However, even though it doesn't get talked about, doesn't mean it doesn't happen. The Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI) defines workplace bullying as "repeated mistreatment; sabotage by others that prevent work from getting [...]

Workplace Bullying: It is real and it happens everyday2018-05-09T20:06:10-04:00
3 05, 2013

Social Media and the Workplace


There has been a lot of discussion, and some controversy, about social media and what employers can and cannot do with employees’ personal social media accounts. The most recent discussion is about employers asking for candidates Facebook passwords during the interview process. Quite honestly, I think that is a bad business practice and I advise [...]

Social Media and the Workplace2018-05-09T20:07:57-04:00
2 03, 2013

Motivation Doesn’t Always Mean Money


The big question is ...... "what motivates employees and how do you keep them motivated?" The magic answer is…… being treated with respect! Feeling appreciate and being treated with respect are the most important things to employees in job satisfaction and motivation. It is that simple. Feeling appreciate and being treated with respect are often [...]

Motivation Doesn’t Always Mean Money2018-05-09T20:07:34-04:00