12 12, 2018

3 Outdated HR Practices to Lose in 2019


Do you know why your company engages in the HR practices that it does? If you are applying HR practices simply because your policies are “how it’s done,” it may be time to take a second look at your handbook. Sure, it can be easy to develop HR policies that reflect practices you’re familiar with, [...]

3 Outdated HR Practices to Lose in 20192019-05-03T10:55:24-04:00
14 11, 2018

Attract Top Talent with Unconventional Benefits


According to a recent survey, 80% of employees would choose additional benefits over a pay raise.¹ Yep, that means that big paychecks are no longer motivating today’s workforce. Our flexible, technology-driven environment impacts what people expect out of their jobs, regardless of generation. Instead of being driven by large salaries, employees are now inspired by experiences [...]

Attract Top Talent with Unconventional Benefits2019-05-05T15:46:22-04:00