14 12, 2017

A Small Business HR Cleanup Checklist for the New Year


With a new year comes new employment laws, so it’s a good time for small businesses to tackle an HR cleanup of all employee files and make sure your compliance is in line. Not only is it smart to keep your employee records straight for your company’s own use and benefit, but also to avoid [...]

A Small Business HR Cleanup Checklist for the New Year2019-05-08T15:18:24-04:00
10 10, 2017

Small Business Liability and How To Mitigate It


As a business owner, it's your responsibility to do everything within your means to limit risk and to keep the business running smoothly. But a lot of small business owners don’t realize how liable they are while running their companies. Doctors, sky diving companies, and daycare centers are just a few professions generally associated with [...]

Small Business Liability and How To Mitigate It2017-12-20T13:52:51-04:00
12 09, 2017

When the Weather Outside is Frightful – How to Keep Your Employees Safe


With the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and as Hurricane Irma is bearing down on Florida, the safety of millions of Americans is in question. Conducting business during times of inclement weather, whether extreme temperatures, snow storms, flooding and/or natural disasters, can be a challenge for employers. Balancing employee safety and the needs of your business [...]

When the Weather Outside is Frightful – How to Keep Your Employees Safe2019-05-05T16:19:39-04:00
6 09, 2017

Hurricane Prep for the Workplace


With Hurricane Irma set for a landfall in Florida, South Carolina or North Carolina, it is important for employers to be prepared and make sure that employees know what to expect when it comes to inclement weather situations before, during and after the storm. Employers can do this by having an Inclement Weather Policy, Communication [...]

Hurricane Prep for the Workplace2018-05-09T19:44:32-04:00
18 07, 2017

Summer Survival Tips for the Workplace


Ahhh, summer… School is out, the pool is open, and ice cream is on the menu. If only we were still kids and could kick our feet up and while away the summer days poolside. Instead, unless you’re a role that gives you the summers off, chances are, your days are spent just like the [...]

Summer Survival Tips for the Workplace2018-05-09T19:44:51-04:00
15 06, 2017

Employee Recognition Programs


Employee Recognition programs are a great way to recognize and reward work and behaviors that support the goals and values of an organization. It is an open acknowledgement and expressed appreciation for an employee’s contributions to their organization. They have the power to impact everything from productivity and motivation, to engagement and retention, so they [...]

Employee Recognition Programs2018-05-09T19:45:09-04:00
5 05, 2017

What is Sexual Harassment?


Deanna Arnold, PHR, SHRM-CP of Employers Advantage LLC wrote an article in the April 2017 issue of Lake Norman Woman Magazine on the topic of Sexual Harassment. This topic is important for both employees and employers to be aware of and be sure that they do what is necessary to prevent and stop Sexual Harassment in the [...]

What is Sexual Harassment?2017-10-31T11:07:07-04:00
11 04, 2017

Important Steps to Consider Before You Terminate An Employee


Although terminating an employee isn’t something most managers want to do, sometimes it has to happen. For both new managers and more experienced ones, it’s imperative to cover all of your bases in order to prevent liability to the company, avoid a hit to the rest of the team's morale, prevent customers and clients from [...]

Important Steps to Consider Before You Terminate An Employee2017-10-31T11:56:25-04:00
12 02, 2017

Office Romances: The Effect on Staff


By: Melonie Geddes While the thought of office romance sends shudders down the spine of most HR departments, there are professions that have had great success actually encouraging relationships. For example, law enforcement and other investigative agencies have found office romances to be beneficial because co-workers understand that the demands and pressures being put on [...]

Office Romances: The Effect on Staff2017-10-31T12:11:01-04:00
12 02, 2017

Unlimited Vacation: Too Good to be True?


By: Lindsay Coobs The idea of providing unlimited vacation to employees has been creating a lot of buzz recently. Is it really as good as it seems? Why is this Trend Emerging? Many top companies in recent years, like Netflix, Virgin, GE, Hubspot and LinkedIn have adopted various versions of unlimited paid vacation or time [...]

Unlimited Vacation: Too Good to be True?2017-10-31T12:16:28-04:00