12 11, 2019

An HR Guide to Keep the Holiday Season Merry


Beginning with fall festivals and ending after New Year's Day, companies often use the holiday season as an opportunity to boost morale and make sure employees feel valued. At the same time, well seasoned managers understand the importance of implementing human resources policies that will help preserve the positive aspects of this time of year [...]

An HR Guide to Keep the Holiday Season Merry2019-11-12T15:01:11-05:00
14 09, 2019

5 Tips for More Productive Team Meetings


Team meetings are a fact of professional life and can be useful, but they aren’t always as effective as they should be. If meetings are not planned efficiently, they can be a massive waste of time and financial resources. In fact, according to a 2019 report, poorly organized meetings will cost U.S. organizations a whopping [...]

5 Tips for More Productive Team Meetings2019-09-14T21:51:43-04:00