Employee Assistance Program2018-12-05T09:49:53-05:00

Employee Assistance Program

We have partnered with NextGen to offer EAP services — a truly holistic approach to wellbeing for your employees. We leverage your entire benefit package to meet your human capital needs.


  • Cost Containment

  • Improved Talent Retention

  • Improved Work/Life Balance

  • Boosting Employee Engagement

  • Absenteeism Reduction

  • Increased Productivity

  • Preventing HR Issues

An 8-in-1 Solution backed by a 24/7 Call Center

with prices starting at just $2 per employee, per month

  • Wellness

  • Health Advocacy

  • HR Support & Education

  • Behavioral Health & Counseling

  • Legal & Financial Consulting

  • Virtual Concierge

  • Online Training & Resources

  • Integrated Mobile App


Support your team and provide HR wellness benefits.