Facebook’s Free Job Posting Feature: Too Good to be True?

By: Lindsay Cooobs, M.A.  If your business has a Facebook business page, you may have noticed the new job posting feature is a new free feature for businesses to post jobs. Facebook boasts that this feature will “take the work out of hiring,” but is it really as good as it seems?

Great for Small Businesses

Businesses who are already managing a Facebook page to engage clients/customers and promote their business might benefit from using this free job posting, especially if they are targeting lower skilled and passive candidates. TechCrunch reports: “LinkedIn has neglected two big opportunities Facebook is now capitalizing on: helping lower-skilled workers and people who aren’t actively looking for a job.” Facebook is now looking to capitalize on this market opportunity.

Easy to Use

Facebook Executive, Andrew Bosworth, told Mashable that posting a job is just as easy as posting “a photo or cat video.” Interested candidates only need to click a few buttons to apply for the position.

  • Communicate directly via Messenger: Page managers can create free job posts, track applications and contact candidates directly via messenger.
  • Easy to boost job for additional advertising: Similar to mainstream job search engines, companies can opt to boost their job posting to expand their visibility and reach. This will help it appear on more news feeds for targeted populations and thus gain more exposure.
  • Filter searches and share with network: Job applicants can filter their search preferences, similar to LinkedIn. It also makes it easier for employees, job candidates or other supporters to share job postings with their networks.

Potential Downside

  • Privacy concerns: In applying for jobs on Facebook, candidates expose their public Facebook profile to the potential employer. Candidates applying through Facebook to first check their privacy settings to ensure they are comfortable with their level of exposure.
  • Limited Exchange of Information: The Facebook applications only allow for a limited exchange of candidate information. For example, candidates cannot attach a cover letter or resume. The information Facebook exchanges includes: name, phone number, email, city and a 1,000-character box (optional) for candidates to write why they think they would be a good candidate for the job. Other information, including work experience and education is auto filled based on available profile information. As a next step, employers should then request more information from the candidate on job history details and relevant work experience. Employers have expressed frustration with the limited information and the extra step to request more information or to prompt the candidate to apply through the company’s main recruiting site. Additionally, job candidates are not able to see a record or list of jobs they have applied for on Facebook, like other job search engines offer.

Facebook’s job feature certainly does not take all of the work out of hiring. However, It does offer a free service that many businesses can take advantage of and many are using it in conjunction with other methods of applicant tracking and job advertising. Given the limited information, more steps will need to be taken by companies for a more accurate assessment of potential fit. Time will tell if the Facebook job feature will become largely successful or fade out over time.

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