The Power and Potential of a Job Description

When it comes to your human resource needs, we offer what you need, when you need it: whether that’s help with a sticky situation or a seemingly simple task. For example, writing job descriptions.

That sounds easy enough. Just recycle what your company has used in the past or a quick Google search, some cutting and pasting and you’re done, right? Wrong.

Sure, a job description attracts candidates, but, when well-crafted specifically for your business, a job description has the potential to be so much more, for candidates, current employees, managers and the organization as a whole.

For candidates, job descriptions provide a baseline. Applicants know what is expected of them, how their progress will be measured and how they will fit into the organization as a whole.  

“If utilized throughout the life of employment, a job description is a powerful tool that can aid managers. Managers have a road map that can help them with their duties of planning, leading, organizing, controlling and staffing.”
Samuel Leon Rohr

“Harnessing the power of the job description”
Human Resource Management International Digest

For current employees, revisiting their original job description – or reading their revised one – provides a reminder of the duties and responsibilities they were hired to perform and allows for self-assessment on how they are doing and where they want to go.

For managers, a job description establishes what is expected in current and future employees – and can also double as a performance review, allowing managers an easy and objective way to check and see if employees are continuously demonstrating all the abilities listed. In fact, managers can effectively utilize an on-target job description throughout an employee’s tenure – not just in the beginning for the hiring process, but also for compensation, evaluation, training and development and succession planning.

And for the company, a solid job description can also be used to improve the human resource competitiveness of an organization. Think your company might be in need of some improved job descriptions? Contact us – we can evaluate what you have, what you need, and how we can help. After all, even the little things – like a job description – can make a huge difference for your small business.