Reduce the Cost of Turnover by Outsourcing Targeted Recruiting and Candidate Selection

We’ve all heard that the cost of employee turnover is staggering. Once a small business adds up all of the obvious and less than obvious costs of turnover, it starts to make sense to make sure the next employee is the right employee. So how can an HR Consultant or a Managed HR Services Firm help address the high cost of turnover through targeted recruiting and candidate selection?

Job Descriptions that Attract Candidates that Want to Keep You

So how can a job description help? The more accurately and effectively you can communicate your expectations before the interview, the less likely you are to waste time (and money) interviewing candidates who can’t (or don’t want to) do the job. It’s not uncommon for candidates to regret taking a position because the title or function of the position is different than their experience in past roles. If you are googling job descriptions to depict your next position, stop! Generic job descriptions can only lead to misunderstanding between you and potential hires, which can cause frustration on both sides. Accurately reflecting every expectation in the job description can prevent wasted time interviewing or worse wasted money on the wrong hire.

Positive Perception of Your Company

Recruiters and HR Consultants recruiting for you can offer an unbiased, third party opinion about why it’s going to be great to work for you. Many candidates turndown new job offers because they don’t know if the grass is going to be greener on the other side. Working with an HR Consultant gives candidates an opportunity to ask questions that they’d never ask you. Obtaining answers to those questions can make or break whether they accept your job offer. Answers to questions candidates are afraid to ask can also make sure candidates don’t accept a job they won’t want in a few months. Either way your small business is better off.

Sell the Quality of Your Company to Right Candidates

In this day and age, potential employees should know everything publicly available to them before they apply. Is your website outdated? If so, young talent may not feel welcome. Is there a terrible review about you on glassdoor from a bad hire? Quality candidates may never even apply. Not enough information about you out there? Talented professionals won’t waste time going through the hiring process. Good hires want to make good choices, they’ll need to know you’re worth working hard for. Can’t meet the salary expectations of someone coming from a big company? Salary often plays a smaller role than employers think in job changes. Is there something you can offer them instead, like a positive work environment? If so, a recruiter or HR Consultant can effectively communicate information that can’t be garnished from the job description. Don’t risk attracting only the kind of candidates who didn’t bother to research you. Being attractive to the right company can save time and money down the line.

Candidates not Openly Applying

You’ve heard about the hidden job market, but have you thought about the candidates who are concerned about openly applying to jobs? It’s not uncommon for qualified candidates who are concerned about their current positions to not apply directly to companies. Instead, they select trusted recruiters to market them to companies of interest and make them aware of the hidden job market. It keeps them focused on their current positions (instead of their job hunt) and helps them keep a low profile while looking. HR Consultants and Recruiters can help you access the best available candidates so you don’t have to settle when making your next job offer.

When Replacing Someone

We’ve all had to replace someone who may not know that they are on their way out. As badly as that feels for any employer to have to handle, leaving that seat empty after a termination can cost big bucks. An HR Consultant or Recruiter can engage in selective recruiting without anyone else in your office being aware. Narrowing the gap between your last employee and your new one will lower turnover costs and keep your current staff on task with their own assignments.

Targeted recruiting and candidate selection through an HR Consultant or Managed HR Services Firm can help your small business save a lot of money by attracting the right candidates, narrowing the gap between employees, and making sure that the right person ends up at your small business.