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Complete HR Compliance Package

Our Complete HR Compliance Package includes a Full Scope HR Compliance Audit and a full year of HR on Call. Our team of HR compliance experts will perform the audit for you, supply a full report with recommendations and then hand the reigns over to you with our continued advice.

We don’t just get you into HR compliance, we help keep you there.




Over 70% of employers are not fully compliant with FLSA (ADP), let alone all of the other regulations related to HR compliance, and there’s a lot. In fact, over 44% of HR managers have trouble keeping up with employment laws (ADP). That means even if your small business is lucky enough to have someone fully dedicated to Human Resources, there’s still a good chance that you need outside HR compliance support.

HR Compliance issues can cost a company a lot of cash. Simply put, it’s relatively inexpensive to get your business into HR compliance, as opposed to the consequences of not addressing compliance issues. Not handling HR compliance issues before there is a compliant can turn out to be one of the most expensive mistakes a company can make, regardless of whether or not you know about them.

  • We’ll identify and effectively address any past errors or omissions in your HR strategy, policy, procedure, application, or management.
  • We’ll continue to address all of your questions about HR compliance for a full year so that you are able to maintain compliance after we correct any issues.


Be confident that your policies and procedures aren’t a liability.