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HR On Call- Small Business Advisory Service

HR On Call

We’ll help you handle simple tasks and sticky situations in accordance with state, federal and local regulations by advising you on how to handle each and every human resources situation.

With affordable monthly plans in 3-month increments, we offer practical, effective, and affordable advice. Don’t know what to do? We’ve got you covered! Our HR helpline, HR on Call, provides the advice that you need to make good decisions.


  • Talk to the same seasoned HR Consultant every time you call. We’ll get to know you and your team. You won’t need to explain on going issues over and over.
  • You’ll know for sure that you’re handling HR policies, procedures and actions in a way that limits liability for your company.
  • Response within 24 hours  M-F. Weekend availability upon request.
  • Phone, Email, and Text Response
  • Annual HR Documents Review
  • Notification of  industry relevant hr changes and updates. We also provide an explanation on how the changes apply to your small business.
  • Updates on relevant employment regulations to keep you in compliance.


Get the advice you need, when you need it.