HR Q and A: Mileage Tracking on a Weekend

Question from a Small Business Owner Regarding Mileage:

Our Volunteer Coordinator periodically has to work on a Saturday to greet volunteers at our client’s site, which is about 60 miles roundtrip from her home. Would she submit mileage for this? If it is a weekday and she has to go to our client site, she does track her mileage from the office to the client site, and back to the office. I’m just trying to determine if she would be paid mileage for this trip on a Saturday.

This also makes me wonder if the mileage policy needs to be revised/clarified? Additionally, we have a new construction manager starting, who has the option to use a company vehicle. Would he track and be reimbursed for his mileage as well? Our previous employees in this position did not submit mileage other than occasionally for trainings or something similar.


Answer from Employers Advantage:

The volunteer coordinator would not be reimbursed for mileage to the job site on Saturdays because that is considered her “office” for that day. An option for your business is to cover the difference between her normal commute to the office and the distance to the client’s site.

For the construction manager, since he is offered the use of a company vehicle and he voluntarily chooses to use his personal vehicle, you aren’t required to reimburse him. I would recommend that they use the company vehicle instead of their personal vehicle.




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