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New Overtime Rules Compliance Package

The new overtime rules are changing the way companies do business and are particularly impacting small business and non-profits. Many companies mistakenly believe that the salary threshold is the only consideration. However, many employees will be eligible for overtime even above the new salary threshold because of their specific job duties.

We’ll help you avoid serious wage and hour claims by helping you get each employee classified correctly and walking you through your options for paying them correctly.



  • We’ll start with a pay practices audit and discover how many employees are affected by the overtime changes and look at any previous misclassifications that may have been overlooked.
  • We’ll make recommendations and outline solutions that are specific to your company or non-profit. We’ll make sure that you understand all of your options for each of your employees.
  • We’ll help you implement the changes in the form of policy roll out meetings and employee communications strategies that address morale issues that may arise from re-classification.
  • We’ll train your managers so that they understand the full scope of how they will need to change the management of employees who transition from exempt to non-exempt.

Customization options are available for our New Overtime Rules Compliance Package. Employers and Non-profits can request only the services that they need. We customize quotes for each client so that their specific Human Resources needs are covered.


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