Find the Right Candidate with Flexible Work Roles

It’s no secret that finding the right candidate for an open position is not a small business owner’s favorite thing to do.  From our clients, we hear that (1) there aren’t any good candidates out there and (2) companies don’t know where to start in the recruiting process.  From candidates, we hear that employers aren’t flexible and may be stuck in antiquated or “traditional” recruiting methods, limiting their talent pools.

So how do you bring in the right candidates? Start with restructuring your company’s roles. It’s a non-traditional working world that we live in, so it’s time for companies to look at non-traditional work roles. Start by evaluating the current structure of your company, and look for areas of potential flexibility. Determine if a job share role, remote work, or part-time position would make sense for your company.  By simply restructuring company positions, your candidate pool could drastically increase.

By incorporating flexibility into your workplace, you could open up your candidate pool to stay-at-home parents, professionals going back to school to expand their expertise, gig economy workers who maintain a variety of project jobs, or candidates with previous experience in your industry who want to jump back in. There are countless reasons why people may be looking for more non-traditional roles, so it’s important for companies to be open to what they may consider to be non-traditional candidates.

Benefits of Flexible Work Roles

For employers, there are many benefits of flexible work roles, including:

  • Less overhead related to office space
  • More quality/efficient work hours
  • A larger candidate pool
  • Reduced turnover rate
  • Reduced unscheduled absences
  • Increased employee morale

Flexible work roles are also advantageous to employees. Benefits include:

  • Reduced commuting time and gas costs
  • Increased control over work time and environment
  • Increased ability to meet family and personal needs
  • Ability to work during the individual’s most energetic hours

Examples of Flexible Work Roles

Now that we’ve established how beneficial flexible work roles can be, let’s define what these work roles look like. A few examples include:

  • Job Share: Two employees split 40 hours per week. They share responsibilities, office space, and they work together to complete the responsibilities of the job.
  • Part-Time Remote/Part Time Office: An employee works 20 hours in the office, and 20 hours remotely.
  • Full Remote: This employee works remotely with meetings in the office 1-2 times per week.

NOTE: When considering candidates for a flexible work role, make sure to assess whether the individual’s skills and personality fit a flexible work environment. Be on the lookout for candidates who have excellent communication skills and are self-motivated, independent, reliable, and organized.

How does flexibility impact pay structure and benefits?

When looking at a non-traditional role structure, keep in mind that the pay structure is still relevant to the role and work being done. If you have a part-time role or a job share role, the compensation and benefits should be set appropriately based on the role. Part-time employees work the same way full-time employees do, so medical benefits, PTO, stipends for cell phones and Wi-Fi, a company computer, and mileage reimbursement may all still be relevant.

Today’s non-traditional candidate is most likely looking for:

  • Work from home OR 20 hours/week in an office with flexible hours
  • Flexibility with deadlines
  • Remote options
  • Meaningful work
  • Reasonable pay/benefits package
  • Feeling valued
  • The opportunity to participate in meetings and contribute even if they’re not present

If you are interested in learning how you can include more flexible work roles at your company, feel free to reach out to us! We’re available to talk about what makes sense for your company and help you restructure roles that are suitable for alternative options.

Jessica Lorello, HR Operations Specialist