Free HR Support for Florida’s Small Businesses

Always do the right thing. It’s the number one core value of our company. And right now, doing the right thing for us means helping small businesses in Florida that were impacted by Hurricane Irma.

We are offering FREE HR support to small businesses
in Florida through October 15th.

Ironically, last week we talked about how your business can weather the storms of change. Now, we are talking about change from a very different type of storm.

A lot happens before, during and after a hurricane. There’s the long days of anxious preparing and waiting for the storm to hit, enduring the storm, and then the longest phase, the aftermath. It can easily take several months to recover from a storm that lasted several hours.

“Hurricane Irma was a massive storm affecting our entire state, including many of our small businesses,” said Governor Rick Scott. “Small businesses are the backbone of Florida’s economy, and families are depending on these businesses recovering as quickly as possible.”

In the wake of Irma, as life begins to return to normal and people begin returning to work, small business owners may find themselves with new questions and new problems. What about payroll and time off during the storm? Returning to work and absenteeism? Providing employee support and communication?

Without the resources of a major chain or parent company, small business owners often struggle to rebuild, re-staff and get sales going again after Hurricane Irma. We understand and are here to help. Let us be the valuable resource you need in your time of need.

We believe it is vitally important to give back to the community and help those that need it. Contact us before October 15th to get the HR support you need to get your small business back on track, for free.