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Speak Up Now Hotline
Feedback, Suggestions and Workplace Concerns

Invest in your team. Give employees a voice and a place to go should they experience a situation in the workplace that may leave them feeling unsure as to where to go. The Speak Up Now Hotline is a confidential third-party HOTLINE available to employees giving them the ability to provide confidential feedback, suggestions for improvement, appreciation for an employee or process, feedback on experiences and policies in the workplace or concerns of potential situations of workplace wrongdoing, such as harassment or discrimination.

We act as a neutral third party to focus on the facts. We will retrieve the information through the various communication options available, assess the situation and determine the appropriate action.

We can investigate to neutralize the bias. We conduct an independent and unbiased investigation of calls made through the Speak Up Now Hotline to work towards a resolution. Show employees that the company is committed to a respectful workplace that supports and encourages employee feedback by investing in the Speak Up Now Hotline.

Communicating is easy.

There are many ways for employees to contact the Speak Up Now Hotline:


Benefits of a Third-Party Hotline:

A viable resource for employees to speak up now

Opportunity to address and resolve situations of which the company had no knowledge

The option for the person making the call to be anonymous

A focus on a neutral and unbiased resolution

Quarterly summary usage statistics

An investment in the culture and safe working environment for employees

Unbiased investigation* by HR Experts

Retention of documentation

Package Options

Contact us for a personalized quote to fit your company’s needs

Tier 1– Hotline

Hotline only

Tier 2 – Hotline and Investigation

Investigation with written report to include recommendation(s)

*Exceptions apply for companies located in California

Tier 3 – Hotline, Investigation and Training

Investigation with written report to include recommendation(s)
Online or In-person Anti-Harassment training for all employees


Support your team and provide HR expertise.