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Couple of Latin people with resume in hand, interviewing a job candidate in a meeting room

Targeted Recruiting & Candidate Selection

Employers Advantage recruits differently. We don’t stock pile candidates for each job function. Instead we provide Targeted Recruiting and Candidate Selection.That means we get to know our clients, the expectation for the specific position, and then recruit for the right fit. This way you get a handful of candidates that fit your needs well, instead of a stack of resumes that meet only the skills requirements.

Afterall, great choices drive growth but poor choices drive costs.  Regardless of your industry, results matter. An employee doing their job well impacts your organization and your reputation. The right people, with the right skills, in the right place can optimize efficiency and facilitate positive results. Whether you’re recruiting for leadership or support staff, it’s important that your new hire facilitates positive growth in your organization.




A different, more effective way to recruit.