HR Q and A: How to Let Employees Go?

Question from a Member of a Management Team:

“Our CEO will be letting four people go later this week. Laying off someone is new to him and I wanted to know if you have any ‘cheat sheets’ on what to say and not to say. He’s offering a fair severance of 2-weeks of pay, stock vesting, and the jobs are being up-skilled/eliminated. But still, we wanted to see if you had anything you can point us to to help him get prepared for ‘the talk’.”


Answer from Employers Advantage:

“The key is to not say things that would make the employee feel worse such as ‘I wish we didn’t have to do this’ or ‘I’m sorry to do this’. That will make the employee wonder, then why do it? It is important to stay focused on the facts and keep the momentum moving forward. The employees will probably have a lot of questions after the fact (no matter how much you tell them in the moment, they may not process all of it at that time), so as much as that can be addressed in a letter of some sort that they can refer to later, that is helpful. We can help you create the steps provided in the letter, as well as a checklist for your team to follow to make sure that you cover all of the tasks that would need to be completed from an employer’s perspective.”


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