An HR Guide to Keep the Holiday Season Merry

Beginning with fall festivals and ending after New Year’s Day, companies often use the holiday season as an opportunity to boost morale and make sure employees feel valued. At the same time, well seasoned managers understand the importance of implementing human resources policies that will help preserve the positive aspects of this time of year and reduce the risk of typical hazards.

HR Policies for the Holiday Season

Employers Advantage offers a variety of policies to assist with your human resources demands during the holiday season. If you have specific questions or uncomfortable situations, you might take advantage of HR On Call, Custom HR Support, or one of our other Employers Advantage HR solutions.  In the meantime, consider some general guidelines for inclusion in your HR policies that will keep your holiday season merry and bright for everyone.

Holiday Parties

Holiday parties give your company a chance to celebrate your employees and help reinforce connections. As we mentioned in a previous article about fostering trust, hosting a party can help build and repair communication and relationships. Employees will have a chance to have fun and socialize away from the day-to-day stress and routine of their jobs.

Of course, your HR policies should make attendance optional and also inclusive of people who may not have the same cultural traditions as everybody else. That’s why some companies call these winter parties and don’t name them after a specific holiday. Also, you might consider venues that remove the focus on too much drinking or other celebratory pitfalls. Make sure that you remind employees that you want them to enjoy themselves but still expect professional behavior.

If you’re not sure what kind of celebration your employees would enjoy or even more, not enjoy, take the opportunity to send out a survey to gather feedback. You’re likely to bolster enthusiasm and attendance if you give employees a chance to help plan the event.

Holiday Decorations

Most companies choose to include some holiday decorations. Department heads or other employees may even take some of these tasks upon themselves. These are two considerations you should consider for HR policies about holiday decorations:


Make sure your holiday trimmings don’t also become hazardous traps. For instance, the U.S. Fire Safety Administration says that the holiday season is also the busy season for fire departments. That’s why it’s a good idea to suggest battery-powered or electric lighting and prohibit candles. Also, make sure everybody keeps safety in mind when they install decorations, particularly if they might present obstacles or have cords that could become a tripping hazard. These concerns underscore the reasons why you may ask employees to get decorations approved before they’re installed.


Also, your decorations might reflect certain religions or cultural traditions. You may not care to avoid that; however, make sure people who work in your company are mindful that other employees or customers may not celebrate exactly the same way that they do. To incorporate diverse cultures within your company culture, you might include diversity in your decorations.

Again, it’s a good idea to survey employees to gain more understanding about what they might consider pleasant and even more, unpleasant or exclusive. Your employees are more likely to enjoy the holiday decorations that they already approved of.

Engaged Experienced Assistance to Keep Work Merry and Productive

While you focus on your main business, you may lack the training and manpower for important manpower tasks, such as setting HR policies during the holiday season and other times of year. For many companies, engaging HR professionals makes sense because it can save time and money and most of all, avoid morale and even legal problems that could end up costing you much more.

To learn more, contact us right away by email or phone. Also, be sure to browse our menu of a la carte and packaged HR services for businesses like yours.